Wednesday, January 28, 2009


On Monday night the storm began....Tuesday morning we were pleased to find out that school was cancelled because of the snow although it was really only an inch. I had a doctors appointment and we made it without a problem. Silly Kentucky shutting down for just a little snow...
Then Tuesday night they announced that everything would again but shut down Wednesday. It was getting icy, making our yard look like an ice rink, but we had no idea how much worse it could get.

We woke up to cracking noises this morning and woke up to....
This is a really bad picture, but I didn't want to go outside to take a picture of the fallen branches in the back yard. So here is a picture through our window and screen :)

It is crazy to see all the branches falling and the trees that are bending. News is reporting that there are 100,00 without power. Tyson and Summer are here with us now because their power went out last night. They don't know how long people will be without power, some reports say up to a week. We are grateful that we have not had a branch on our house yet and we are glad to be in a warm house with family!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Our adorable little niece is growing up so fast and we just can't help but love her! I get to spend most Friday's with her, while Summer goes to work and so she has become my little model. I love to spend time with her and take pictures of her. Her personality is becoming so apparent as she learns more and more. It makes me so excited to be having a little girl! I just love to dress Tay up and do her hair! are a few of the favorite pictures. (I'll send them to you Summer!)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My BellY

A few have requested a pregnant picture of myself....

This was on Sunday night, so 26 weeks! My belly is beginning to grow rapidly.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

BabY, BirThdAY, and VAcaTIoN

Here is one of the ultrasound pictures from when we found out our baby is a girl. I was sad they did not do any 3D pictures and these ones were not quite as clear as the first images. She (still does not have a name) is kicking me plenty and keeping up at night. Jeff has been able to feel her almost as long as I have and he knows that he is very lucky! All of my sibling got to feel her while we were home too, they are all very excited. My parents, especially my mom, are very excited. The baby had a bunch of Christmas presents under the tree and she got some cute boots from my sister's boyfriend's mom :) I think she may be a little spoiled already. For the flight home, half of Jeff's suitcase was full of baby clothes.

My mother-in-law, Glenys, gave me a shower while we were home, which was fun and helpful. I got lots of gift cards and money because of the cost of luggage. I am so excited to go spend some of it on cute bedding and a new car seat! Thanks so much to the Perrero family for such a wonderful shower!

Happy 26th Birthday to Jeff! During our holiday vacation Jeff had a birthday and got two golfing gifts. His family gave him a Sonocaddie, which is a GPS thing for golf courses and my family gave him a new putter he has been wanting. All of the boys got excited about golf and made a mini course in my parents basement. The picture from left to right: Chad (my sister's boyfriend), Jeff, Chance (on the ground), Trace, and Burke. What a handsome bunch of guys!

Jeff also decided to let his beard grow out over the break. I really did not like it! Regretfully, he shaved it one day and still complains that he didn't keep it longer..
Before we left we had our Christmas lights up and Jeff worked extra hard on them this year. I really wanted green lights in our tree and I wanted it to look like a tree on temple square:) He didn't get it perfect, but I guess I'll take it.. Sorry about the bad picture, wish we would have had the new camera then.

One of our main Christmas gifts this year was a new camera! I was getting worried our little point and shoot just was not going to be acceptable once the baby arrives so we have upgraded. I love it! I have not had a chance to play with it to much yet, but it takes great pictures and had really cool effects.
Here is the before and after of a red eye fix that it does automatically. Thanks Sherstine for our model!

Coming back to Kentucky was hard on both Jeff and I this winter. With so much changing in our lives we did not want to go back to school! Luckily, my semester is beginning smoothly and I had a very light week. Just enough time to start cleaning out the extra room and packing away things to the basement! I am so excited to put the baby room together and will keep you posted on it's progress!

Here is the bedding I am hoping to win on ebay!

Blog Issues

Sorry for the construction site, this place is a mess! I can't seem to figure out how to work all this blog stuff! The header and picture will not center and I lost all of my friends links. Good thing I have the day off to continue to work on it :) Any suggestions?