Thursday, July 30, 2009

Random Stuff

We took Braelyn to the Picture People to get a free package of pictures. Luckily I didn't LOVE the pictures so it wasn't to tempting. I did like this one but I didn't pick it because I do not like the letters at the bottom.At Jeff's parents there were baby puppies. We thought Brae would like to see them, but she didn't.
My brothers and I got to visit Jeff's dad at the Fire Station. It was very fun! We got a tour of the station, a ride in the truck and the boys squirted the hose. They loved it and Brae slept..

This is one of my favorite pictures because it is exactly what she looks like when she sleeps.

This is a view from my parents backyard. The picture doesn't even do it justice. I love Utah sunsets!
We had Braelyn's Blessing when we were home. It was held in Hobble Creek Canyon. Jeff did such a wonderful job.

We got a FIVE generation photo taken. This is a rare thing and we are so lucky we drove to Idaho to get it when we did because a few weeks later my Great Grandma Wanda Berrett passed away.

Sometimes Braelyn folds her arms when she sleeps.

She often makes this grumpy face, especially when the camera is in her face.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Braelyn was being so delightful and playing on her mat... I was on the computer when I started to hear her slurping noise...

I walked over and found her sucking, playing and gagging. She obviously did not want anything to do with me. And near the end she continues to suck on her arm.

This look says it all "Stop bugging me mom."

And the sucking continued....

When I checked on her again there is was a little hickey! I could not believe that she sucked herself that hard. What a goofy little one we have.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Lake Powell

This trip was during our stay in Utah. We had such a fun time being with Jeff's family! Jeff was sad that Braelyn could not play with him yet, he kept asking to take her in the lake and in the sun to get a tan...
It was so beautiful

I got to wakeboard!

Braelyn looks a little weird, but this is the only picture in her bathing suit.

Jeff's mom with all the little girls.
Grandpa Jon become the mud monster every year. The kids love it!

Our niece Ashlyn with Brae

Thanks Perrero Family!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Family Pictures and Rolling

Here are some of the family pictures we got just before leaving Utah. We love the pictures...thanks Haley! Very few smiles came from Braelyn, she only gives them when she wants.

Braelyn rolled over today...

Thursday, July 2, 2009

I've got lots to update... I'll be working on that when we get home.  We leave Utah tomorrow and we are very sad to leave family, but excited to be home :)  Here is Braelyn laughing.

She loves her aunt Alexa!