Saturday, December 1, 2007

Finally the Leaves Fall

It is officially December and are leaves have finally fallen. We decided to rake up the mess and then play. The neighbor kids love to come too.
We had to work really hard before we played. It started out cold, but after a few minutes of hard work, I was hot. I was sore for the next couple days too :) Jeff did not want to do this again, so he tried to get all the rest of the leaves off the tree. It was not very successful.

Unfortunately, we stayed out so late with our little friends, that it was too dark to finish the job, and we still have to bag the leaves. What fun memories! I cannot wait until we have kids of our own to jump in with.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Lighting up for Christmas!

The warm weather this weekend gave Jeff and I Saturday to put up Christmas lights. Although we are not here for the actual holiday, we like to appease our neighbors. We were so excited to put up our candy cane lights that we bought at the end of the season last year.

I thought Jeff was going to fall and die a couple times, but luckily we had only damage to his shoes and pants. I have never seen him hold on to anything so tight!
I thought I would help some, but after climbing the ladder once and not being able to get down very well, I decided to stay on the ground and give moral support!

Growing up Jeff always helped his dad put up lights, but I think he got a lot of satisfaction putting them up on our very own home! It looks beautiful, and we can not wait to have the lights on after Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Good News!

It's nearing the end of the semester and as Jeff seems to be more and more busy, I tend to relax. Somehow, somewhere I learned not to be a procrastinator. This is a good thing, but it also leaves me quite bored when the semester is finishing. All my projects and papers are done while everyone else is rushing around trying to finish things last minute. This semester is especially bad because a couple of weeks ago I got some good news! I got into the nursing program at UofL! I'm super excited to start classes that may actually apply to my future. We are so excited to have the holidays around the corner, we get some good breaks from school, and we get to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas with our families. Life is good!

Friday, November 2, 2007

A Sick Halloween

Halloween 2007 was not anything special. My being sick kept us away from the Maxfields Anuual Party, and left us home to study for upcoming tests:( These are some cute pictures of the neighbors, Oliva and Jace. Jace was of course a power ranger and Olivia decided to be Hannah Montana last minute and I had to three-barrel her hair. They were adorable, along with many other of our trick or treaters. Today, I had a panick attack when Kristi, Olivia's mom, had to go pick her up from school because they thought she had lice. I was worried sick that I would have lice too, since I did do her hair just a couple of days ago. Fortunately, it was a false alarm and there are no lice to be found!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

SpUR of thE MOmeNT GEtAwaY!

After much debate, Jeff and I decided to spend our fall break weekend in Indianapolis. We had such a good time being away from school and spending time with each other. The highlight of our weekend was the Colts game. Wow...I've never been anywhere so loud in my life. (I think I plugged my ears for the first 5 minutes until everyone settled down a bit) They blew Tampa Bay away, but we are glad to say we have been to an NFL game! We stayed in a four star hotel, it was beautiful and thanks to price line, pretty cheap too. We both found ourselves reading a lot; Jeff is reading a fantasy book about Dragons and Demons and I read Twilight. It was so nice to relax in our room and read. The fair we went to was a lot like Huber farms, we had fun tasting apples and searching for rare pumpkins. Our hayride and listening to a county band made for a fun afternoon. We walked around the city alot and enjoyed seeing all the sites and cool restaurants. I've never been to such a stinky city, every time we walked past a sewer manhole there was warm air and a stench. It was a hot weekend downtown, adding to the stink. Now I know why in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles the people thought those holes were gross. Overall, it was a fun weekend getaway that we both needed.