Friday, February 26, 2010


Has anyone ever made a fondant cake? I'm thinking of making one for Braelyn's first birthday. Any suggestions?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

House For Sale and New Videos of Braelyn

Our house is officially on the market. It is sad to realize that we will be leaving Kentucky so soon, but we are excited for our future in Utah! Here is a link to our MLS page:

Braelyn is getting so big! She is 10 months old and learning all sorts of new tricks here are a few:

Waving hi and bye
Giving kisses
She knows where lights are (like if you say where is the light?...she looks up and points to it)
She says dad and duck
She points to her duck in a book and says duck
She signs baby (she loves her baby dolls and kisses them lots)
She signs thank you
She signs all done
She signs more
We are working on signing please
Shaking her head no no
She crawls all over the place
Crawling up and down the stairs
She can about 10 steps but she is a big CHICKEN
She can tell you where your nose, eyes and mouth are but sometimes she gets a little confused
There is lots more we can't believe how much she is doing and we love her so much!

This is a picture of her first time eating spaghetti! YUM

She had a playdate with Bennet (he was recently adopted from Ethiopia). His mommy and I went to nursing school together and it was so fun to hang out with them!
Braelyn and I spent 10 days in Utah and watched my brothers and a few of my cousins while the parents went on a cruise. One night we went to Classic Skating's Bounce House. It was crazy!
Braelyn loves her daddy! They play when he gets home from school and she laughs and laughs.
STeaching her to sign has been really fun. Both Jeff and I are amazed at the things she memorizes and how she can communicate. These show her three favorite signs BABY, MORE and ALL DONE.