Wednesday, May 7, 2008


On Tuesday Summer, Glenys (Jeff's Mom) and I made jam! Strawberry, raspberry, and peach- strawberry...YUM. We had a really fun time and my PB&J was delicious today!

RaCEs, RaIN & ExciTEmEnT!

Derby was such a fun time this year. Jeff's parents and my dad were in town and we were at Churchill Downs ALOT! Our first races were with the Perrero family. A patient of Summer's is a big guy down there and he took us on an awesome tour and gave us free tickets for the Spring Meet.
Oaks day started out so beautiful and we had awesome seats as shown in the picture. My dad's friend Layne knew a trainer who got us very pricey tickets for FREE! We had a great time until the rain began. The headlines the next day described it perfectly, "SOAKED AT THE OAKS." It was really funny to look onto the paddock before and after the rain, I don't know where all the people went.??

After an exhausting rainy Oaks Day, we were hoping for a gorgeous sunny Derby. The forecasts were not great but the sunshine came through. Again we sat in the grandstands with tickets worth $260 a piece. (These weren't even box seats, more like isle and walking space tickets.) We had an enjoyable day watching races, hats, and all the rich horse owners sitting by us.
We took a trip to the infield and found girls in the mud and some of Jeff's dental school friends. WOW it was crazy out there:) My favorite part of the day were the hats. I could not believe how crazy some of the hats were!
When the Derby race came it was so exciting. Everybody stood for about 30 minutes pre-race. The owner of Big Brown and his family sat right by our standing area and they were so shaky and nervous before the big race. When Big Brown won they rushed down to the field in tears.

Thanks Layne and Dad for making a very fun Derby day for Jeff and I.