Sunday, January 10, 2010

Graduation, Birthday, Christmas, Dress and Duck...

I have finally graduated nursing school. I still have to take boards, but being finished is such a relief. YAY YAY YAY! I graduated at the top of my class and got a fancy award for it, Jeff was very proud and I was very surprised.That same night we had our own Christmas in Kentucky. Jeff got a gas blower, Braelyn got clothes and a few toys and I am getting a sewing machine. We are so exciting
All the little girls in Jeff's family got these gorgeous dresses. Brae looked so cute in it!

I love this picture of her eyes...everywhere we go people comment about her pretty eyes and long lashes.

She loved the cat at Grandma's house. She was always trying to get them but was not very successful.

The little girls got to take a bath together and they had a blast. Brae loved being around Averee and Taylor.

These next few pictures were on Christmas Eve when all the kids get new PJs from Grandma.

Wow...the big kids are HOT!
This is my family on Christmas Eve in our new PJ's from my mom. Our family is getting bigger and bigger.

Brae got her first Christmas ornament.

Jeff's Birthday was on the 18th. He turned 27 years old and decided to try to look more manly by growing out his facial hair.

Luckily his mom persuaded him to shave most of it off before the family Christmas party. So this picture shows the remnants of it.

Braelyn is saying Duck...or at least we would like to think she is :)