Monday, April 12, 2010

Happy Happy Birthday Braelyn Dear

It has seriously been ONE year since I had this sweet baby girl! It seems like yesterday I was so scared for my baby who did not weigh enough, could not keep her temperature up and possibly had Cystic Fibrosis. Luckily, she has turned out to be as perfect as can be.
We had a fun little party for Brae with close friends and neighbors. She was having a rough day though...she had a runny nose and a fever. So my little girl who never stops smiling has not one inch of a smile in any of her birthday pictures :(
Even though she was sick and had a lack of appetite, she did not miss out on her chance at sugar! She loved her cake, but she was really dainty with it. There was no big mess, just dirty fingers. I tried to make a fondant, three-tier didn't work out very well, so I found these cute cupcakes the morning of the party! I'll have to blog about the cake making later, there are some good pictures.

The kids totally enjoyed themselves!

Sorry, you will have to turn your head to the side :)

We had so much fun at the gym that we did not have time to open the presents. Thanks everyone for all her fun things.
Here is how she slept that night...she was exhausted.