Thursday, July 1, 2010

Catching Up and Our New Life

Before we left Kentucky we did lots of fun things...

We had a visit from my Grandparents. It was so fun to spend time with them and Braelyn got to know them very well! She loved to play with Grandpa and he was in charge of her babies.
We had good food with the Perrero family! It was so nice to have Jeff's family there to support him for graduation. We also got some good shopping in at the outlets!
We had to say goodbye to so many good friends and neighbors. We also had to leave our first home :(

And of course we had to get family pictures in downtown Louisville before we left. Thanks Amanda Graves for the beautiful pictures!

Jeff''s parents remodeled his grandparents home for us and it is so so so nice. We are still getting used to our new place and sometimes we feel like we are just here for vacation and will be back to Kentucky in a few weeks.

We visited my grandparents at their home in Northern Utah. It is beautiful there.
When Brae smells she blows out of her nose.
And she loves to talk on my cell phone.
So pretty.
Brae loved Buddy the Pony.

We spent a day with my family at the Zoo and of course Brae like it.

Brae is talking so much and she learns all sorts of things from her cousins. Such as... no no no, go away!, no way, mom go?, thank you, moe moe moe (more), help you and much much more.

She has also learned lots of animal noises and what the animals are. She loves her letters in the tub and can find A, B and X. She loves the letter X and says it so cute :)

Jeff started work today and I will start as soon as my background check goes through. Jeff is at Ashman Dental in Provo so if anyone needs a dentist he is ready! I am going to be working the night shift at Utah Valley Specialty Hospital. I'm not looking forward to working, but I am looking forward to extra money and good insurance.