Saturday, December 12, 2009

Ready or we come!

I wrapped Jeff's Christmas present and Braelyn loves it! She keeps picking at it and trying to eat it. Christmas should be fun this year with all the boxes, tissue paper and wrapping paper.

We have been trying new things with her hair...this is the remains of a side ponytail :)

This little girl is getting more and more wild. So family, ready or not, here she comes!

Friday, December 4, 2009

More Brae...

This is a post for our families...preparing them for the little girl coming to visit. She is trying to reach her Christmas presents. She gets up on her tippie toes and grunts.
I do not remember if it was Brandy or Great Grandma who gave Brae her hat, regardless it finally fits and it is adorable.

She is starting to balance but she does not understand to fall to her butt, she just free falls to anyone in front of her.

She is our little screamer. Jeff's mom told us that Jeff was always screaming with a high pitch and I think Braelyn is a MINI Jeff.

She has started to laugh hard! She is also cruising around getting into everything. Jeff said the other day, "she is a real person."

Her new tricks are walking around and around this chest until she falls down. Every once in a while she gets adventurous and goes over to the couch and back. She is getting very daring! We are excited to come home and show everybody this fun "real person."