Friday, March 21, 2008

SpRiNG BReaK 2008

After the first day of cruising, I didn't know if was my kind of thing. During dinner the boat began to move and I was sea sick for the rest of the night. Luckily I had anticipated this and brought some dramamine. From that point forward, I was sea sick free! The girls and I had a very fun trip. My favorite part was in Nassau, we rode scooters around the city to non-tourist beaches and through the neighborhoods. It was gorgeous!!

Loved the strange hats we found!


I'm flying!

Coco Locos! We had to try Coco Cay's famous Coco Locos.

A little squishy...


The water was so beautiful.

Escargo is yummy!

Once upon a time there were four girls in one little state room.

I thought I was stron enough to try the medium wall, the next day I was sore :(

These pictures are more of the scenery. Some are from Daytona, the port, Coca Cay, and Nassau. It was so beautiful, I have never seen water so clear. (I could see my feet, in deep water.) The hotel picture is the Atlantis, I hope I can stay there someday, it was gorgeous. Unfortunately, the cheapest room was $600 a night! If you haven't ever seen it you should google it.
Overall, my trip was awesome. I was sad that Jeff wasn't there to see everything, but that just means I get to go back someday. :)