Tuesday, October 14, 2008

OuR LittLE GUsGuS!

Without knowing the sex of our baby we had a hard time knowing what to call it. It was not a very good name, so gusgus it became. Jeff has always teased about naming his boy Gus, and I figured we will let him have his fun for a few months.
Monday I got to have an ultrasound as part of some genetic testing. I had no idea I was getting an ultrasound so I was very excited when I saw people coming out with pictures. The only bad part was that Jeff happened to miss this appointment. He was mad/jealous he missed seeing little gusgus moving about. Here are the pictures!
Gusgus did not want to wake up. She, the ultrasound lady, kept trying to get baby to move but gusgus just wanted to cuddle me and cover his/her face.

They measure the neck skin fold thickness to test for Down's Syndrome and a couple of other chromosomal defects. Everything measured normal and the doctor will call to confirm that in about a week. They also measured the length of gusgus from crown to rump which was about 3 inches.
Here is the profile shot. I don't know if we will ever find out gusgus's gender because the legs were always crossed.
The ultrasound made the whole pregnancy thing seem real. I still am not showing many signs of pregnancy so seeing a moving baby and hearing a healthy heart beat makes me feel like someday I may actually have this baby.

Monday, October 6, 2008

There is a BABY in our near future!

It is official and we are very..very excited to tell all that I am pregnant!   Today we got to hear the heart beat of our sweet little baby.  It was to say the least very cool as most of you already know.  The baby will be here around April 19th and hopefully I will be able to finish up my spring semester before he/she arrives.  

I have been dealing with pregnancy really well.  A small amount of nausea at night and sleepiness are my main symptoms.  The only thing I am having a hard time with is not getting my great night of sleep.  I have to get up every night now to pee.  I know I've got it easier than most and I am very grateful for that.  

We are very excited and Jeff, especially, is so happy to finally let all the world know!