Thursday, September 23, 2010

Lots of camping and talking!

We have been camping a few times this summer and had really fun times. Although Jeff and I don't love to get dirty, Brae can't get enough of it. It was so fun to be able to go on all the little outings with our family that we have missed over the past few years. This first picture was when we were coming home from bow hunting/camping. We were pulling Jeff's parents trailer when suddenly a part of it was ripped off by a wind storm and Jeff and Tyson had to go rescue the remains. Tyson was not happy about it :)

We went on a family reunion to island park with my dad's family. Brae loved being with all the kids! There were so many people there, yet so many missing. Jeff didn't get to come on this trip with us... sometimes it stinks having jobs. We played minute to win it games. This one is where you start with an Oreo on your eye and try to eat it without using your hands. This one is Grandpa trying to complete the task.
Just some pictures of the gang hanging out around the camp fire. We did so many fun things on this trip, we played games, floated down the river and fished. Thanks Page family we had such a fun time!

Brae loved to go on four wheeler rides and stop to pick all the flowers.

Sadly, this is the only picture I took while Jeff and I were in Lake Powell :( The boys were doing some cliff jumping and trying to catch a football... I did not approve!
Jeff went on his Elk hunt this past weekend and had a blast with the boys. We missed him, and are glad it is over.