Saturday, March 27, 2010

House Sold!

Our house has SOLD!
We are still not sure about our closing date, but it should be around graduation time! Things are really coming together for us. We can't believe it has almost been four years. Dental School has flown by.

Here are a few updated pictures of Braelyn. We have been enjoying the Spring weather and have spent lots of time out with the neighbors and friends.

Last night right before we came inside, Brae pointed up at the moon and signed ball. I love that she is learning so much and is so curious about everything.

The pictures of her in her red jacket are on St. Patrick's Day. She did have a green shirt on and the inside of her jacket is green. I love to take her out on the deck and have a mini photo shoot, but she gets irritated with me as you can see by the photo.


Brandy said...

SUCH BIG NEWS! Congrats on the house selling. Brae just gets cuter and cuter every day. I can't wait to squeeze her little cheeks and kiss her nose. :)

Valgardson Family said...

Yeah We are so excited for you guys and that you sold your house, what a relief. Good luck with everything, Brae is sooo cute!